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Good Soil E&D (Evangelism and Disciple Making) is a theology from which flows a practice of disciple making evangelism, taking seriously the instruction Jesus gives in the accounts of his parable of the soils. Jesus said that good soil believers are those who hear the message, fully comprehend it, embrace it and retain it.

The work of disciple making evangelism includes the work of God (general and special revelation, including creation and conscience), the work of the witness (communicating the gospel) and the response of the hearer (interpreting and accepting or rejecting the message so given).

The obstacles we face in E&D are real. First, there is the obstacle of spiritual blindness. This is the innate opposition to God's truth engendered by our spiritually dead and blind condition by nature. (Ephesians 2:1-3; 1 Corinthians 2:14; 2 Corinthians 4:4) Added to natural spiritual blindness, is the additional blindness of Satanic deception resident in deply held false beliefs evident in every fallen,cultural worldview.

If we are going to be successful in communicating an accurate and understandable gospel message, we must penetrate this "worldview noise." The most effective way to do this in a manner that avoids the pitfalls of a truncated gospel and the syncretism that comes from that, is by telling the story of God in a comprehensive way. This "Chronological Gospel Storying" methodology can take any number of forms. One form is to tell the "big redemptive story" by selecting key redemptive events that focus on the major themes of the Bible, including such things as creation, accountabilty, sin, justice, mercy, sacrifice, faith and forgiveness.

Under the link for Evangelism Resources you will find a number of suggested resources to be employed in this approach to evangelism. You can obtain the two booklets we've developed (The Story of Hope and The Way To Joy) at The following resources have been created to assist those who are using The Story of Hope and who have received our training in Good Soil E&D at ABWE. If you want to receive this training, which is offered twice a year at ABWE, you can check it out and register at Training is offered in local churches when time permits. Contact me if you're interested.