The local church is commissioned by Jesus Christ to equip, send and sustain a global labor force of church planters.

Below are resources designed to assist your church in equipping (training), sending (getting to the field) and sustaining (caring for them on the field) your global staff of missionaries.

A companion to the Sending Church Workbook, the SENDING CHURCH DVD produced by ABWE, gives a step by step process of preparing a partnership between your pastor, your missions committee, your congregation and your prefield missionary. Reducing the time necessary in getting your missionary to the field is a major endeavor requiring much prayer, planning and involvement by many players. The DVD and workbook will guide you into workable possiblities to achieve it, by God's grace. Order from ABWE by emailing ABWE's Prefield Department marie@abwe.org  or call 717-774-7000 and request the Prefield Ministry Department.  

Pastors Consultation on World Evangelism  is held twice each year in the spring and fall. The Pastors Consultation is designed to provide interchange between a group of pastors, mission administrators and missionaries. ABWE is committed to nurturing the critical partnership between churches and the mission agency.  For more information, click  Pastors Consultation.

Local Church Seminars are available at ABWE's Home Office in Harrisburg, PA and also regionally in churches that request them.

Serving As Senders - How to Care For Your Missionaries by Neal Pirolo

YOU can get involved in the Great Commission! You can Serve as a Sender! This book will teach you how to care for the missionaries you know while they are preparing to go, while they are on the field and when they return home. You will be amazed at how active you can be in missions. This book is being distributed around the world and has been translated into many languages. Translations in other languages are in process.

To order copies of Serving As Senders,  Click here for more information.

Ee-Taow - The Mouk Story and The Next Chapter by New Tribes Mission

The Mouk tribe of Papua New Guinea responds dramatically to the Gospel during chronological Bible Teaching. This tribe lives in the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea. Their journey from a history of murderous sorcery and deceit to a discovery of God's love and an understanding of Truth is graphically portrayed.

You will be captivated by some of the most up-to-date missions methods in use today. A powerful story of the Mouk people's journey from a history of murderous deceit to an understanding of what God did for them when they heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To order copies of EE-Taow, click here  for more information.


Local Church Missions Handbook - Free pdf below.  This 50+ page resource for your local church missions committee includes a missions glossary, a question and answer section for leaders desiring to develop a church wide missions vision and strategy, ideas for caring for MKs, missionary women, and prefielders. This handbook is a good tool to train your missions committee on world missions issues as well.

Missionary Care Team Manual - How to care for Missionaries. Free pdf below or click here to order hard copies from ABWE Books and More.

Most churches want to care for their missionaries but just don't know what to do or how to go about it. This guide will give you practical and effective ideas that many churches are using to serve their missionary families.

This booklet covers such topics as intercession, communication with resources that you can provide to your missionaries on the field as well as those at home on furlough.

Missionary Prefield Practices - Proven ways to get missionaries on the field sooner.  Free pdf below or click here to order hard copies from ABWE Books and More.

Prefield (formerly called deputation) requires hard work, good planning and patient perseverance. Most churches with prefielders sincerely want to help, but just don't know how. This resource will provide your missions committee and interested church members with proven practices already being effectively utilized to open doors and obtain opportunities for their missionaries to present their ministry and gain prayer and financial team members.

Sending church conferences for your church can be arranged through the Prefield Department as well.


First Term Survival Guide -  Free pdf below or click here to order hard copies from ABWE Books and More.

Transitioning to your new culture, location, and people group takes time and perseverance. 

This resource is the result of hundreds of hours of research and analysis done by ABWE and over 150 first term missionaries. Included in this guide are such topics as... The 5 Stages of Transition to a new culture    The Top 10 Contributing Factors to Attrition    The Top 10 Contributing Factors to Long Term Ministry      Advice from the Veterans addressing key factors for transition   Suggested Bible Studies for missionaries in transition

Missionary Member Care Radio   www.membercareradio.com    TransWorld Radio has established this wonderful radio program for missionaries as well as scores of programs on file and available for listening or download.  


Good Soil Conference - disciple making evangelism training used with all ABWE missionaries is available here at ABWE or at local sponsoring churches interested in hosting a regional event. Contact ABWE for more information.

Equipping Church Conference - the basics of disciple making presented in a weekend format with training in using ABWE's The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy for small group evangelistic and disciple making Bible studies. (see more info in "Disciple Making Resources")

Sending Church Conference - if your church is sending out your first missionary, or your first in a long while, this weekend training seminar can assist you in taking the lead in sending your missionary, instead of just watching them send themselves!  Contact Brad Winkler at ABWE for more information.

Sustaining Church Conference - a weekend seminar to assist your church in taking on the responsibility of providing practical pastoral care for your missionaries on and off the field. Most churches want to do more, but they need ideas and methodologies that really work. Contact Brad Winkler or Ron Berrus for more information.